College Selection & Application Support


One Size Does Not Fit All

At Snap Academics we have a distinct point of view about the college selection, application, and admissions process.

We work with students and families to expand the range of college matches that are the best fit for the student’s individual passions, interests, and experience.  We take the time to get to know students, listen carefully to the parent’s needs (especially when it comes to financial aid needs), and we are adaptable in our approach to working with students.

From college selection through application submission we continuously remind and counsel students to maintain a balanced perspective and exercise ethical decision-making. The counselors and coaches at Snap Academics help students to stay focused on what matters: Selecting and applying to schools that are the best individual fit and tuning out the “noise” and outside pressures that can creep into the process.

Our approach is informed by movements such as  Colleges that Change Lives and ideas expressed in books like Frank Bruni’s, Where You’ll Go is Not Who’ll You Be.

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What We Believe

Our Philosophy and Approach to the College Application Process:

Selecting a college and completing the application process can be a stressful experience for high school students and families. Thinking about the future can cause anxiety in teens because they are forced to confront their values and ambitions head on. The college selection and application process provokes young adults to think about questions such as: “What do I really want from my college experience? Am I authentically interested in this college or am I feeling peer pressure from friends and teachers? Does where I go to college determine major life outcomes like how much money I’ll make or how content I’ll be as an adult?”.

Do You Need A College Application Coach?

Yes. No. Maybe. When it comes to the college application process, each child’s school and family situation is different. Independent college counseling and application support is not needed by all students. In an ideal world, students and parents would be able to find the guidance and on-going support that they need from the high school college counselor. The vast majority of public and private school college counselors are well-trained, highly knowledgeable about the admissions process, and have access to high school specific admissions data that is invaluable. The reality is that many public schools have incredibly burdensome counselor to student ratios; often, caseloads can be 500 students to one counselor. High school counselors do their absolute best to provide personalized attention to students but the size of their caseload makes this is a Herculean task.

Snap Academics Packages & Rates

Individual Students, Individual Needs

At Snap Academics we offer two types of individual (one-to-one) support packages that are available year-round. We also offer week-long, small group application bootcamps in the San Francisco Bay Area,