Mary is amazing! We have had many tutors over the years – both privately and through highly regarded companies – and none come anywhere close. She is way, way more experienced, capable, insightful and responsive than anyone we have worked with. She was able to help my two kids substantively (English & History primarily) but also on organizational approach (across all subjects) and development of their skills to tackle assignments most effectively on their own. She was able to immediately understand my sons’ learning challenges and tailor her approach accordingly. She worked with them around self-advocacy as well. She is extremely flexible in scheduling (i.e. setting up last-minute session by phone if needed) and being responsive to our family’s needs. My sons love her and feel she helped them on a totally different level than other tutors have. The fact that she knows so much about the high school and the college planning process made her able to help my sons in multiple areas and in greater depth. I love how she frequently checks in with me, as the parent, and patiently listens to and is extremely responsive to concerns I raise regarding my kids’ challenges. Mary is truly exceptional! You will not find anyone like her.


Parent of High School Twins,Lick-Wilmerding High School

We want to recommend Mary Finn as a spectacular college advisor. My high-school twins worked with Mary last year and are headed this fall to colleges they love. Mary began by creating a system for identifying and evaluating schools that interested them, then explained the details of the application process and oversaw all the deadlines for submissions as well as managing a comprehensive checklist of other necessary tasks. She made the entire experience fun and rewarding rather than intimidating or onerous. She knows the technical details of online applications inside out (and how to fix seemingly intractable problems with forms and formats). Best of all, Mary is a very warm, empathic, perceptive and genuine mentor and coach who challenges students to challenge themselves and encourages them every step of the way. We feel so lucky to have found her. Mary has an extensive background in education with a specialty in college prep.

Parent of Berkeley High School Twins