Do You Need A College Application Coach?

 Do You Need Private College Application Support?

Yes. No. Maybe. When it comes to the college application process, each child’s school and family situation is different. Independent college counseling and application support is not needed by all students.  In an ideal world, students and parents would be able to find the guidance and on-going support that they need from the high school college counselor. The vast majority of public and private school college counselors are well-trained, highly knowledgeable about the admissions process, and have access to high school specific admissions data that is invaluable. The reality is that many public schools have incredibly burdensome counselor to student ratios; often, caseloads can be 500 students to one counselor. High school counselors do their absolute best to provide personalized attention to students but the size of their caseload makes this is a Herculean task.

How is Snap Academics Different?

Here’s the truth: Private college counseling services cannot promise admission to any college. Independent college consultants do not hold the golden key to admissions.  Each year, college admission teams look to build a freshman class with a student body filled with a diversity of skills, academic and extracurricular experiences, and familial and cultural backgrounds. Of course, there are guideposts: average SAT scores, types of rigorous courses that admitted students took in high school, and average GPA’s.  But, there are no tricks. There are no crystal balls.  We engage with students from the first meeting with this reality in mind and our mantra is:  focus on showing your best self and don’t worry about the parts of the process you can’t control.