Launch Package

At Snap Academics we offer two support packages that are available year-round.

Launch Package and Comprehensive Package. Each package is designed to honor the fact that not all students and families need the exact same services and counseling. We aim to be dynamic and responsive in our levels of support and in the amount we charge for each package; we are highly attuned to the high cost of college and we don’t believe that applying to college should be cost prohibitive.

In addition to these packages we are also able to work with parents to find a customized set of services at a price point that is manageable. We offer a few income-based, sliding scale spots every application season particularly for students who will be the first in their family to attend college. If you are interested in learning more about sliding scale option, please contact us directly.

LAUNCH Package


The Launch Package is ideal for students who need college selection support, help setting up the mechanics of the application process (including deadlines and calendars), first stage essay development, and one final edit of the essay and applications before due dates. This package works well for students who are self-motivated and deadline oriented and for parents who are have previous, recent experience with the application process and/or who feel confident to manage the applications once the initial structure and calendars are in place. Students who have access to regular, individual in-school college counseling typically find the Launch Package to be helpful because it provides an extra layer of support and set of eyes on the applications. The Launch Package includes 20 hours of services starting when the package is purchased. Families can add additional hours at the rate of $150/hour if needed. Students can begin the Launch Package package in their Junior or Senior year.

Package Cost: $2,300